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The right way and time to eat food 

Friends, many times a person remains thin from the body due to his mistakes and can never read his weight even after trying lakhs. So today I am going to tell you about the mistakes that you do while eating roti. So if you consume Bread in the wrong way, then your body weight will not increase but will decrease and leanness will come.

If you drink water while consuming roti, then stop doing it at all, because by doing this the rhodia does not escape properly in the stomach and your body does not feel empty rotis. Due to this, weakness also comes in your body and your health cannot be felt.

Persons who consume milk, juice or cold drinks while consuming roti. Those loaves can never survive in the stomach. In such a situation, your Mr. becomes a victim of thinness. Therefore, milk, juice or cold drink etc. should be consumed only after half an hour of eating roti.

Guys whenever you eat food. So drink water only half an hour after that or drink it half an hour before. It works to maintain your health.

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