How To Gain Weight On Home. 6 Tricks To Gain Your Weight

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Welcoming you all friends. Friends, here today we are talking about some such remedies, if you are thin and thin. So if you want to gain weight. You can use this remedy. Due to which your body and your weight will also start increasing, then friend what things can happen. So let’s talk about it.

Tricks To Gain Your Weight On Home in Some Days
We use many methods to increase weight. Where let’s talk about the method first. Almond milk is very beneficial in the way of weight gain. Cook some almonds, figs and dates in milk and after drinking milk after cooling down a bit, children should eat almond fig dates too. Drink almond milk once daily for 30 days and see the effect.

2.  Soak 6 grains of dry figs and 25 to 30 grams of raisins in water and keep them in the evening. The next day, take it out of the water and eat it twice a day. After doing this remedy continuously for a few days, you will see your weight increasing.

3. Mix one spoon of Ashwagandha powder and one spoon of satavar powder and butter in a glass of lukewarm milk and eat it before sleeping. By doing these remedies every night every day, you will start feeling the difference in a few days and some difference will also start coming in your body and your weight will also start increasing.

4. If you want to gain weight quickly, then include milk in the diet chart and drink milk twice daily in the morning and evening. Eating banana with milk increases weight quickly. Apart from this, you can also drink banana shake at home. So that some difference in your weight can also be seen.

5.  We do a lot to keep the body fit. For this, it is very necessary for us to exercise first. You can also take the help of yoga. By doing yoga to gain weight, we will have faster circulation of blood in our body and will feel more hungry, due to which we will eat more food. So that we will get more amount of protein in our body and our body will also be better than before.

6. Do not smoke Smokers tend to weigh less than non-smokers. Thus not smoking or quitting leads to weight gain. Apart from this, do not be under stress, once the stress goes away, you will be able to see the difference in your weight yourself.

7. In the afternoon, definitely sleep for 45 minutes or for 1 hour. This will not only make you gain weight but will also help you get a sound sleep at night.

So friends, here we have talked about eight things. So friends, you must try all this and see. Friends, how did you like this information, friends, there was some small information but you should pay attention. These things so that you will get to see some difference in the bhajan, then friends will definitely tell by commenting and if friends come to our channel for the first time then please follow us. So that you will always get this kind of information.

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