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There Is Only One Person You Can Lose in Life and That Is Yourself. So in Today’s Post, We Are Going to Talk About If You Want to Become a Youtuber, You Are Not Getting Topics. So I Have Come Up with Five Such Topics Which Will Provide You with the Best Youtuber as well as the Best Position.

1. Teacher

Yes Friends Teacher, If You Have Knowledge or You Are Already a Teacher, Then This Category Is Best for You. If You Teach in Any School or Coaching Then the Topic Can Prove to Be the Best for You. Speaking of My Teacher Means That If You Put Videos for Your Students Related to the Teacher, Then You Will Get a Very Good Response. If the Person Watching Your Video Likes It, Then He Will Always Be with You. and You All Know How the Relationship Between Teacher and Student Is. Now You Can Also Talk So That Your Student Can Be Helped Even More. So That Your Video Will Play Forever. Teacher Is Such a Category Where If You Know About Anything Then You Can Tell About That Thing in Your Videos. So, Friends, I Told All of You That If You Know About Anything, Then You Can Share That Thing on Your Youtube Channel.

You All Know That Nowadays Khan Sir Is Becoming Very Famous on Youtube, So You Can Understand How Much the Teacher Value Is in Today, So I Am Speaking to All of You If You Have Any Questions About Anything. If You Know, Then You Start Telling About That Thing, Which Will Not Only Help People, but at the Same Time, Your Knowledge Will Also Increase from That.

You All Also Know That Nowadays Most People Study Sitting at Home, So If You Think You Put Videos Related to Studies on Your Youtube Channel, Then How Much More Videos Will Be, People Study Online So That What Is Available Offline Is Not Told That Thing Is Told Online, Then You Can Make a Video Related to Study on Youtube.

2. Sales Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

Sales and Marketing Comes Second. What Happens in This Is That You Have to Share Any Product on Social Media from the Internet. the More You Share That Thing, the More You Are Going to Run There. I Explain to You Well That Means If You Buy Any Item from Amazon and Share Its Link with Your Friends or Any Relative and If a Relative or Friend Buys That Item, Then You Will Get Some Money from the Goods that will Come into Your Account.

Sales Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Is Mostly Done by Everyone on Youtube These Days, If You Look, You Would Have Put a Link to Amazon or Something in the Description of Everyone on Youtube. If You Buy That Stuff, Then Youtube Gets Some Benefits from It.

in This, Even Your ₹ 1 Is Not Spent from Home, So Everyone Wants to Do This Thing. So You Guys Can Make Videos Related to Digital Marketing.

3. Trading

Trading Comes to Us at Number Three, Most People Must Have Already Heard About It. Let Me Tell You What Is Trading After All? Trading Is Simply Equivalent to Gambling. If You Do Trading, Then You Have Loss as Well as Profit in It. If You Have Good Knowledge Related to Trading, Then You Can Not Become Ambani but Become Rich Overnight in This. Let Me Tell You on the Internet You Will Find Many Related to This on Youtube. Every Youtube Has a Different Purpose.

If You Have Good Knowledge Related to Trading Then You Can Make Videos Related to Trading. Let Me Tell You That No Human Being Can Do Trading Because in This Many People’s House Also Goes Away and Even ₹ 1 does Not profit. So That’s Why If You Have a Lot of Knowledge Related to Trading Then You Can Make Related Videos from It. So That the One Who Wants to Invest Money in Trade Can Invest Money After Understanding It Well.

If You Do Not Have Knowledge Related to Trading, Then Please Do Not Make Any Video About It Because If You Give Wrong Information to the People Then It Can Cause a Huge Loss to the People.

If You Do Not Have Knowledge Related to Trading, Then You Can Learn from Any Teacher and Later Share It on Your Youtube Channel, So That Your Knowledge Will Increase and the Knowledge of People Watching Your Videos Will Also Increase.

4. Inspiration

Motivation Yes, Friends, You Are Listening Right, Especially in India There Is a Lack of People.There Are Some People Who Go into Depression Anytime and Get Distracted from Their Work, in Such a Situation People Have Only One Source of Motivation. If That Person Gets Motivation, Then That Person Starts Doing That Work in a Good Way Again.

As You All Would Know Sandeep Maheshwari Who Is a Great Motivational Speaker. If You Also Have That Talent, Then You Can Share This Thing to People Through Your Videos. So That the Mind Setup of the People Will Change as Well as the Respect for You Is Also Going to Increase in the Mind of the Beholder. Motivational Video Is Such a Youtube Channel Topic Related to Which If You Make Videos, These Videos Will Always Run. That’s Why I Am Telling You All About It. So Friends, If You Want to Make Motivational Videos, Then You Can Definitely Make Them.

So, Friends, I Have Also Told You About Some Four Essay Topic Related Videos, About Which If You Make Videos on Your Youtube Channel, Then You Can Become Famous to a Great Extent. Which I Have Told You These 4 Topics, This Topic Is the Best from Each Category. Yes, These 4 Topics Are Such That Every Human Being Likes Them. You Guys Will Definitely Tell by Commenting Once That Which One of These 4 Topics Did You Like Best.


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